Beceite mountains

Area: Beceite

Located in the northeast of Spain between the Puertos de Tortosa (S.E. of the Ebro delta, Tarragona), and the north part of the Province of Valencia and the Eastern of the Province of Teruel.

Hunting in the Beceite Mountains, Spain.

These limestone mountain ranges, though not high in elevation, are steep and rugged, forming a sharp contrast with the neatly tended fields and ancient orchards of its unspoiled valleys. The mountains are blanketed with a Mediterranean forest comprised of pines, live oaks and thorny bushes.

Bancales, what the locals call the old farms that dot the landscape, infuse this natural area with a sense of nostalgia. Tones of rosemary and thyme can be detected throughout this fertile region. The elevation varies from 1,100 to 5,900 feet. Our favorite hunting spots in this area are in the provinces of Castellon & Teruel.

Hunting Areas

How to get to Beceite


  • From Barcelona: 2:20h (121 miles) to 3:30h (182 miles)
  • From Madrid: 4h15h (222 miles) to 5:30h (338 miles)

Beceite Ibex

Found in the coastal mountains of Spain and the largest of the 4 expressions, the Beceite Ibex is considered to be the most desired hunt of the species. Not only do they have the largest body mass, but their horns also extend to an impressive width.

What to hunt in Beceite

In this area you can hunt the following species