Balearean Goat
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Balearean Goat

The oldest remains of this species have been dated to 2030 B.C. by archeologists that have studied the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearean Goat is indigenous to the Island of Majorca.





Balearean Goat hunt with Ralph & Deb Cunningham

This hunt was filmed in mid-June, perfect time of the year to hunt in Majorca, it’s warm but not too hot, and also very important, it’s not too crawded, so it’s a good time to visit this beautiful island. Both Ralph & Deb took very good trophies, at that time they ranked in the Top 10 of the SCI Record Book.

By the quality of the images you can tell that this hunt was filmed long time ago. But this is a very special hunt for us: unfortunately Ralph passed away not too long ago, and this is our little tibute to a great person.

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Balearean Goat
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