Beceite Ibex
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Beceite Ibex hunting IN SPAIN

Found in the coastal mountains of Spain and the largest of the 4 expressions, the Beceite Ibex is considered to be the most desired hunt of the species. Not only do they have the largest body mass, but their horns also extend to an impressive width.


October 15th - May 31st


December is the best time to hunt for this species.


The terrain consists of steep mountains etched with a plethora of dirt roads, which makes it feasible for most hunters.


Spot and Stalk

Beceite Ibex hunt with Tom Opre & Olivia Nalos

This hunt was filmed in one of our exclusive areas in Teruel, with the award winning film director and cinematographer Tom Opre, of Firesteel Films.

This video prooves that we care about wildlife conservation, only hunting the old animals, passing others that are already a trophy but still a bit young. This is the only way to achieve excellence and collect big trophies year after year.

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Beceite Ibex
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