Iberian Red Stag
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Iberian Red Stag

For the deer hunter, Spain boasts its own native Red Stag, hunted primarily in the Pyrenees. Though smaller than its European cousin, it makes for a superb hunt, especially during the rut.


September - February


Generally, the rut begins in the last week of September and extends into the first week or two of October.




The traditional method for hunting this species is a driven hunt, however, we usually employ the spot and stalk method for our clients

Iberian Red Stag in the Pyrenees

This hunt was filmed during the pandemic, where none of our clients were able to travel to Spain to hunt with us. So I took advantage of it and used one of the tags we had available in our exclusive hunting area in the Pyrenees, having a great time with Dani Loughlin, his Bavarian bloodhound Polo and videographer Jordi Camardons, and taking a mature Stag, which I will never forget.

We butchered almost 250 pounds of wild, healthy meat and me and my family are still eating it.

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Iberian Red Stag
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